Before Buying a Kid’s Bean Bag Chair-Here’s What You Should Know

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, healthy, stylish, and fun chair, look no further. Kids bean bag chairs are a comfortable and perfect spot for your child to study. It should fit into a small dorm room or a bedroom. If you want to enjoy a good gaming experience, pair a bean bag chair with game controllers. Add a bean bag chair to your child’s room décor. They come in a variety of sizes, fabrics, and shapes.

Features of bean bag chairs:

  1. They are delivered pre-filled and ready for setup.
  2. 3-feet material in diameter is used.
  3. The kid’s bean bag chair weighs approximately 20-25 pounds.
  4. When fully fluffed, it should be 33-35 inches wide and 22-24 inches high. It depends on the occupant’s weight and the floor’s surface area.
  5. Its cover should be removable and washable.
  6. To keep the material of the bean bag inside, it has an inner liner.
  7. 10-year warranty in case it spoils.
  8. Double stitching for improved durability.
  9. 100% shredded polyurethane foam is used to fill the kid’s bean bag chairs.
  10. To prevent children from unzipping the bean bag, it should have safety locks.

Factors to consider when shopping for bean bag chairs

  • Size.

Toddlers and young children require small-sized bean bag chairs. Big bean bags can be a safety risk for kids. Teens and older kids consider the level of comfortability experienced. For movie nights and sleepovers, oversized bean bags are appropriate. If a child goes underneath the sacks, they might suffocate. You should, therefore, have infants and small children supervised. The fillings of the bean bag chairs should not be played with, since they are a choking hazard.

  • Filling material

It determines how much support it gives and its comfortability. Shredded polyurethane foam and polystyrene beads are the common materials used to manufacture bean bag chairs. Affordable bean bag chairs have polystyrene beans. They are lightweight and maintain the chair’s shape for a long time. Unlike bean bags with shredded polyurethane foam in them, these bean bags do not offer enough support and body contouring.

  • Cover material

The cover material used on your bean bag chair should complement the aesthetic of your child’s room. The cover material may include suede, durable cotton, soft shag covers, or leather. The bean bag chair covers are mostly removable for easy cleaning. The cover material used should be durable and easy to clean.

  • Cleaning and maintenance

Depending on the chair, you can spot clean the covers with soapy water or, remove them for machine washing. The fillings should be replaced frequently as they get compressed or break down over time.


Kids bean bag chair is the best spot to have your child study, watch a movie, play video games, and hold sleepovers. To choose the right kid’s bean bag chairs, you should consider the size, cover materials, and filling materials. Ensure certain features are available on the bean bag chair before a purchase. To maintain proper hygiene the cover material should be removable and easy to clean.

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