Celebrate this Christmas with unique and sophisticated Christmas décor

As December hits the festive season begins and it’s time to call over family and friends to dinner and spend some quality time. Arranging a dinner party is both fun and a hectic task as one needs to take care of several things. Starting from the food, and drinks to décor everything needs to match up the vibe of the party. When one thinks about a Christmas party the first thing that pops into mind is a green Christmas tree, bells, gifts etc. Along with all this, a christmas tableware and dinner sets will add a lot of character to the overall décor.

What falls under complete Christmas tableware?

The three main colors that come to mind when one thinks of Christmas décor is red, white and green. However today, the christmas tableware that one can get in the market is not only restricted to bright and festive colors. But one can also purchase minimal and warm dinner wear sets and table décor to bring in a more sophisticated vibe. As the variations are huge one gets the privilege to choose both modern and vintage table décor and match them up with the overall theme of the party.

For example if one is looking for sophisticated table décor, one can opt for plates and bowls with silver and gold borders, red napkins with snowflake prints on them or white table cloth with a red border to give a contrasting effect.

Common Christmas tableware to buy this Christmas

When setting up a table for a dinner party one needs to be very picky. The entire setup should match the vibe and theme of the party. If a single item is off-putting it might ruin the entire décor of the table. Common table décor and items that are a must-have may include:

  • Tablecloth- The tablecloth acts as the base of the dinner table. A plain white cloth with a red border or white tablecloth with snowflakes and a Christmas tree print can go well. However, it’s recommended to go for a subtle tablecloth with less flashy prints on it.
  • Dinner plates- When it comes to Christmas dinner plates the available variations are huge. Starting from ceramic, and glass to even plastic, Christmas plates are available in different materials, shapes, sizes, color and prints. If one is buying plates for a kid’s party one can opt for bright-colored red, green or turquoise plates with patterns made of Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowmen, reindeer, Santa or anything fun. If arranging a dinner party for adults, one can go for plain white colored plates with green, silver or gold borders which have a sophisticated Christmas print on them.
  • Bowls- When buying serving bowls make sure it matches the pattern or color of the inner plates. One can also opt for Christmas dinner plates and bowl set combos.
  • Napkins- Vibrant red colored printed Christmas napkins can add a lot of character to the table.


If one has an artistic mind, one can experiment a lot with the christmas tableware décor as the number of items available in the market is endless. Hence, select some great Christmas décor this Christmas and surprise your family and friends with your imaginative and artistic skills.

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