Effective Measures to Care for Over-Plucked Eyebrows

After the age of 12 or 13, various beauty routines are here to stay. One of such is eyebrows shaping. It is one of the most common yet frequent practices that one has to go through.  The eyebrow growth is the key factor to determine the interval of shaping. For some, the eyebrows grow fast and for some, it seems rather slow. Whether it takes a month to grow or two, it is essential to get it done on an experienced beauty salon.

These days girls are capable of doing facials, dying of hair, wax, etc at home and many have successfully attempted to beautifully shape the eyebrows too. The eyebrow growth defines facial features. A wide eyebrow is in trend, making it a common practice. There was a trend to have eyebrows as thin as possible, now that keeping the eyebrow volume has taken over the fashion world.

The eyebrow growth cycle is four months

There are many instances where someone has chopped off a chunk of eyebrows, or a beautician has done some horrible mistakes. In such situations, one can desperately look for the time to grow back the eyebrows. Generally, eyebrow growth takes a four-month cycle. To speed up the process, one can use a brow conditioner. This works effectively and improves brows quality. The brow conditioners also prevent breakage and promote healthy growth.

There are plenty of supplements in the market that favor eyebrow growth.

One must consume these brows supplements after taking notes from a doctor. Since each body reacts differently to any medication or supplements, it is better to be sure before using them. There are chances that the supplements and brow conditioner works differently for some people. Exactly the way as hair growth for some is fast as compared to others.

Shedding and renewal of eyebrows

Eyebrow growth is active for three to four months. After which it attains a resting phase, followed by which the hairs are released. This is what we often see fallen. One does not need to worry about it, it is a normal phase. The human body constantly sheds and renews hairs which can go unnoticed by most people. For beauty lovers, this process may be noticed in bits. The shedding does not happen at once, it will be small in volume.

Reasons for thinning of eyebrow hair

Thinning of eyebrow hairs can be caused due to stress or any medical condition. That may be because of diseases like anemia, thyroid, and malnutrition. Sometimes over plucking is responsible for permanent damage to the point that the eyebrows never grow back. To grow hair naturally, one must follow a healthy diet, keeping a healthy body will enhance growth. Along with a nutritious diet, considering a hair growth vitamin would help too.


Using serum, conditioner, and hair growth vitamins can speed up the growth and keep the eyebrows healthy. It is to be noted that one must check the ingredients used to make the products before applying them and consuming them respectively. Adopting a healthy diet must be followed.

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