Important Questions to Ask Your Car Dealer Before Buying

When you plan to buy a car, you are not only buying a vehicle but also a piece of reliability. If you plan carefully while buying a car this can save your money and as well as provide you with complete satisfaction that the investment you have done is in the right direction.

What are the questions you need to ask a Mercedes-Benz Dealer before buying the car?

  1. What is the on-road price of the car?

It means the amount you have to pay to buy the car because this cost consists of car price and additional things like registration, insurance, extended warranty and the charges of handling taxes, etc.

  1. What components are covered under warranty?

Mostly electrical and mechanical components are included in warranty but also check whether other accessories like stereo, etc. are covered under warranty and at what intervals car will be serviced.

  1. Where is the nearest service center located?

Carrying a car to a service center which is located far away from your house can be a tedious task for you. Ask about the availability of nearby service center and also whether their service people will come to pick it up or you have to drop it to the service center.

  1. What is the estimated cost of various parts such as headlights?

While driving a car sometimes your car will take a bump headlight to get damaged. You do not wish to make a claim for those parts from the insurance company. If you know the cost of these parts you can purchase them.

  1. Does the insurance need to be done from dealership only?

Car dealers have a tie-up with the insurance company and they will charge extra money from you for the insurance.  It is up to you whether you wish to buy insurance from a dealer or you prefer buying from the market.

  1. What are the different finance options being offered on the car?

Make an inquiry about the different finance options available with the manufacturer of the car. It helps you to pay for the car in installments rather than paying the full amount at a time.


As the purchasing of Mercedes-Benz involves a big fat amount as a customer it is your duty and right to ask the Mercedes- Benz dealer each and every minute detail related to the purchasing of a car so that you can drive in a comfortable way with your dream car.

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