Interested In Buying A 4K TV? Check This Guide!

If you want an entertainment room in the house and are planning to get all the components of a home theater setup, one of the first things you would consider is a television. In recent years, 4K televisions have become a norm of sorts for smart homes, and for people who do not want any compromises on their home theater system. Before you go ahead and buy one, it is important to have a better understanding of 4K technology. In this post, we are sharing a few details on some of the basics.

Performance of 4K TVs

For the unversed, 4K TVs have a much better resolution than your standard HD models. The resolution of 4K TVs is 2160p, which ensures crisp viewing experience. This raises an important consideration – Will you get a better visual medium by opting for a 4K TV, instead of Full HD or 1080p model? Truth is, if you sit very close to the television, then yes, using a 2160p TV does make a difference to viewing, but if you are a bit away from the screen, this may not make a big difference. Having said that, it is important to understand that the size of the screen also matters. You will want a 2160p screen when your aim is to get a 50-inch TV.

Knowing the refresh rate

For the unversed, refresh rate is the number of times the image on the screen is refreshed per second, and for 4K TVs, the standard is 120hZ, which is just what you need. Of course, there are full HD screens with better refresh rates, but 120hZ is ideal.

Does the sound matter?

Not really. Eventually, if you intend to setup a home theatre, you have to consider getting a sound bar, surround sound speakers and subwoofer, anyway, and therefore, the sound of the 4K TV is not a big factor for purchasing a model.

Should you get a 4K TV?

Absolutely. It is just about time when 1080p televisions will become a thing of the past. There is no denying that 4K TVs offer incredible entertainment, and if you are someone who likes to get latest things in the house, this is an apt pick. The good news is many of the accessories, products and components related to TVs and home theatre systems are being made keeping 4K TVs as the standard.

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