Right Time to Get a Retainer Replacement

Retainers play an essential part in a post-orthodontic treatment plan. These are tooth maintenance devices that keep teeth straight for a confident smile. It’s mainly required to avoid misaligning teeth, given that teeth are prone to shifting. In some cases, orthodontists often prescribe permanent use of retainers in Los Angeles. These made-to-measure orthodontic devices attach to the teeth and hold them in place after braces are taken off. They also can reposition teeth to a better position. Generally, retainers are made from plastic or metal wires. The average lifespan of a retainer is only a few years, so it’s critical to know when to get a new one.

Types of Retainers: Hawley vs. Essix

The market has different types of dental retainers, but the most common types are Hawley and Essix-

1.    Hawley

This is the classic-style retailer that has been in use for ages. It is made of wire that runs across the teeth through the acrylic plate that creates the roof of the mouth. It is used to facilitate teeth shifting into the correct positions.

2.    Essix

Much like Invisalign aligners, the modern Essix retainers come in a plastic body. Unlike the former type, these retainers work to prevent tooth movement.

Both Hawley and Essix retainers in Los Angeles are effective and reliable choices. However, both have their own sets of benefits and drawbacks. Depending on the dental condition, it is best to ask the orthodontist which one is suitable.

Signs That Denote Retainers Replacement

As said previously, retainers need to be replaced regularly to preserve optimum oral health. Here are the four prime signs that call for retainers replacement-

1.    Occurrences of Small Cracks (Essix)

If there are visible cracks in the plastic, it is a sight that one needs to get a retainer replacement. The retainers lose their robustness due to the widening of cracks and fail to serve the purpose of holding teeth in the right place.

2.    Loosening of Wires (Hawley)

No matter how quality retainers one uses, wires are bound to get loose, and the time will come for replacement. Retainers will wear out and become broad and uncomfortable over time. Loosening of wires will stop holding the teeth in position. If left untreated, teeth will then start gradually shifting back to their original positions, causing misalignment.

3.    Fitting Problems

Retainers also go out of shape. It mainly happens if the cleaning process includes a dishwasher or hot water. The orthodontist must be immediately informed if such a thing happens.

It is important to use retainers after taking off the teeth braces. However, most people forget to put on their retainers, and some even wear retainers occasionally. First of all, this type of negligence serves no benefits, but rather fitting issues cause toothache and discomfort as teeth already start getting out of shape. Many people end up getting braces again as a result.

4.    Calcium Buildup

Finally, another reason behind the retainer replacement is calcium buildup. Even after the best care, retainers accumulate calcium over time and become unappealing.


It is important to wear retainers regularly and get them replaced when the right time comes. It will not only keep the teeth in optimum condition but also help to achieve a flawless smile. Instead of wearing an old one for extended periods, one should opt for new retainers in Los Angeles to avoid issues like teeth misalignment and discomfort.

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