What you Should Know First Before Buying a Fridge

If you are planning to buy a new refrigerator, you might be confused about where to begin. This can particularly happen if it is your first time buying this appliance. However, before making that purchase, there are things you should know first. They include the following:

Built-In and Freestanding Refrigerators?

Freestanding fridges tend to be more common than their built-in counterparts. They are easy to install since they just slid into place and are plugged into an outlet.  But, a built-in fridge is built into the cabinetry. This fridge fits into the space seamlessly. It can be covered with panelling to complement with the cabinets.

Orientation Options

Are you looking to invest in a fridge with a freezer drawer below the fridge or a side-by-side refrigerator-freezer model? What about a classic freezer-on-top fridge? Determine which fridge orientation you need and what suits your space. Keep in mind that the amount of storage space can differ between marques de réfrigérateur and orientations.

Fridge Features

If you have an old fridge you want to replace, take a look at it, and consider the things you liked and did not like about it. Are there features you wish this old fridge had? Perhaps you want a fridge with a built-in icemaker or a water dispenser in the door. Ensure you choose a model that has the features on your wish list.


Refrigerators tend to take up more space than you might have thought. Aside from the space you need for the actual unit, you need space behind it so it can breathe and vent out heat. You can find this information in the user manual so check for this. Also, measure the doorway and around any obstacles that the unit will need to go through. Make sure to allow for some additional wiggle room.

Fridge Door Construction

If you are looking to buy a new fridge other than a French-door style, ensure the doors open to provide you with good access to the items inside it. In case you pick a fridge whose door opens up just one way, you need to crane your neck to get inside. Specify how you want a reversible fridge door to open before delivery.

Energy Efficiency

The majority of refrigerators will be more efficient than old models in the market. Because of this, you want to look for a fridge with an Energy Star rating to ensure the unit does not use a big amount of electricity in your home that could translate to huge utility bills.

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