A Handy Guide to Buying Frozen Fruits like a Pro

When it comes to frozen fruits, you can make the most of the best fruits of summer all year long. These fruits are delicious and nutritious at the same time, they are also ideal to buy in the wintertime. Select from a range of blueberries, strawberries, mixed berries, raspberries, peaches or mango. There is no need to wash, peel or chop, so frozen fruit is all you need in order to save your time in the kitchen. Find a frozen fruits supplier now! This article highlights a few nutritional facts, how to buy and store frozen fruits like a pro.

It is a healthy choice

  • Frozen fruit is as nutritious as it’s fresh. Berries are loaded with vitamin C. Mangoes and peaches are also loaded with vitamin A and all fruits give fiber.
  • Consuming fruits and veggies are helpful in lowering the risk for many types of cancers and heart disease. The water and fiber content in fruit are helpful in feeling full that aids in weight control.

How to buy frozen fruits

  • Save a few bucks by purchasing fresh fruit in peak season. You can choose by your own means at a farm or purchase extra at the farmers’ market.
  • Then you can freeze the fruit for consumption for all year long. When it comes to shopping for frozen fruit at the grocery mart, purchase the plain packages. Frozen fruit is sweet enough with no addition of added sugar or syrup.

Tips for storing frozen fruits

  • Rinse the fruit. If you find any bruised or spoiled parts, cut them away. Keep the fruit pieces like pitted cherries and berries, or slices like peeled and pitted peaches on a baking sheet in a single layer. This procedure is helpful in keeping the fruit from sticking together when you put them in freezer bags.
  • Freeze the fruits until they are solid and then you can move them to the freezer bags. Squeeze all the air out of the bags before you seal them. Label the bags with a date so that you know when you can use them.

Purchasing local frozen fruit

To determine if your frozen fruit came from a farm nearby you, look for its logo or get in touch with the manufacturer. The label indicates that the fruit has come from that very farm. When it comes to purchasing local food, you support the farmers so that they can keep delivering high quality and cost efficient food we can thrive on.

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